Pepper's Agenda

Access to SCOTTY's agenda and activities  to perform together and eCRF access


The Concept

SCOTTY is a humanoid robot, a companion for the patient ‘s play time during the rehabilitation path of him, able to interact with him vocally to read a book, choose a menu or inform him about the weather or his family visits

A Future Trainer

SCOTTY opens the way to the new humanoid Personal Trainer, discreet and gentle, sensitive to the psychological difficulties of the patient affected by a physical trauma that is not always reversible.
SCOTTY shows the patient the exercises assigned by the physiatrist and helps to learn how to perform.  She will follow the patient every day during the practice and record the success! SCOTTY will help the patient to fill out self-assessment questionnaires

A Nurse Aid

SCOTTY also helps the doctor and the nurse during the daily visits to the patient to collect all clinical data and to record them in a secure way to be then stored and available to doctors at any time